We are up to date on the latest procedures and tools and are always striving to provide you with the best products and services that are available. We've also worked with facial and oral surgeon Dr. John Stover and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Faringer for more than 7 years.

Our always cheerful and friendly staff works to accommodate our clients by providing a professional treatment in a safe and efficient manner. Topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort. Call us and schedule your personal consultation today!

Some of Our Specialties:

Brows: A natural looking brow can be designed to enhance your features, without looking artificial or harsh. We can create a flattering brow shape with a wide array of hues and tones to suit your skin tone and hair color. This includes a powdered effect or hair stroke technique that mimics the actual hair.

Eyeliner: Any look can be achieved... from subtle to dramatic. This is also terrific for people with allergies to makeup, who are athletic, or who have poor vision.

Lash Enhancement: Color between the lashes and it doesn't even look like you're wearing makeup. Your lashes appear thicker and your eyes are more defined.

Lip Coloring: We can apply full lip color or we can just outline them. The advantages of this are that there's no smudging or smearing, and that you're always fresh and ready to go.

Color Correction: An unwanted shape or color can be corrected or minimized. Brows that have faded to an unnatural shade can be refreshed and made to look more flattering.

Lash Extensions: Individual lashes are placed strategically on your lashes, creating length and curl. They feel very comfortable, unlike traditional false eyelahes. Semi-permanent lashes can last up to 1 month before needing replacement. Now you can get longer and thicker eyelashes everyday and not just for special occasions.

Scar Camouflage: If you have a scar of any type (surgery, accident, etc.), it can be covered with flesh tone pigment to minimize the appearance of the scar.

Tattoo Removal: We can also perform pigment lightening which lessens the colors and tones of an unwanted tattoo.

Nipple-Areola Tattooing: A post mastectomy or surgery treatment that can make your breast look more natural and lessen the color of the scar. We can also darken the nipple color if you wish.